Crystal healing dates back thousands of years. It is rooted in ancient lapidary medicine, where different crystals have been found to vibrate different frequencies that correlate with different organs, different body parts and different chakras—the seven major energy centers that run throughout your body. The goal is to raise your frequency any way you can, so you become whole again in your natural state of complete and perfect health. It is important to note they are by no means a substitute for medical care from a professional but are designed as an aid to provide positivity and strength.

The crystals I use in my pieces are chosen for their healing properties and often complement each other or simply look beautiful together.  However with crystals it is best to follow your intuition so if you feel drawn to a particular crystal there may be a reason. 

To purify and cleanse your crystals there are various methods that can be used. These including charging them on a selenite slab, leaving them in  moonlight, sage, brown rice and salt water. However be aware that crystals ending in "ite" like pyrite, hematite, rhodonite, malachite etc should not be submerged in water as they contain iron and this may lead to discolouration or rusting and can lower their energetic vibration. It is best to keep them dry and find other ways to energetically cleanse them.